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In his blog last week, US Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood explained plans to help our ecomony by improving the way goods get from here to there.

“If we want our economy to continue growing, we need to move increasing volumes of freight,” he wrote. “And that means we need a more comprehensive system of arteries with smoother connections, more efficient transfer points, and planning that integrates our different modes of transportation.”

The same day, LaHood announced the establishment of a National Freight Advisory Committee to provide recommendations for improving the freight system. He also announced the creation of a national freight network, which would focus on improving existing roads for our truckers. Both are the result of the transportation bill passed over the summer (MAP-21).

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Most people remember Abraham Lincoln’s role in abolishing slavery and the Civil War. But, he did something else probably still fresh on the minds of 5th graders.

The former railroad attorney connected people and resources of the two coasts of the United States with the transcontinental railroad. While he was dead before the first rails were laid, Lincoln did sign the act creating the railroad in 1862.

Read more about Lincoln and his ties to Union Pacific on the company’s website.

One 8-year-old girl in the Council Bluffs area did something that really touched us. She cut her hair.

But, that isn’t the whole story. She did it to support her father and help kids who lost their hair because of cancer.

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