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Chuck and Charlie

We had a problem about a month ago when Charles Elmore joined the BAT Logistics team. He usually is called “Chuck,” but we already had Chuck Kizer on our government team. (As you know from the past couple of posts, this is a familiar problem…)

So, to verbally tell the two apart, we continue to call Kizer “Chuck” and call Elmore “Charlie.” Or “Charles.” Okay, “Chuckles” is another nickname for the new guy. (Something will stick soon, he hopes!)

Charlie was born and raised in Omaha and has a love for art. He also has an uncanny, um, “knowledge” of Celine Dion songs.

Chuck, on the other hand, has been with BAT for about six months and is a huge Ohio State fan. Don’t let his time at BAT fool you- he enjoys sharing his skills to help others succeed.

Katy (in black) and Katie (in white)

That’s right. We also have a Katie and a Katy at BAT. Katie Forney handles our accounting and Katy Wilson is on our National Account team. So, how do you make sure you get the right one?

We call Katie Forney the “Katie in accounting” and call Katy Wilson “new Katy.” New Katy has that title because she’s only been here for two months, while Katie has been with BAT for five years. (It’s likely Katy still will be called new Katy five years from now, unless, of course, we hire an even newer Katie/y.)

Both have fun personalities. Katie is known for her hairstyle and loves underwater basket weaving. Katy has a great sense of humor and loves kittens, babies, puppies and rainbows.