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We’ve had a rough few weeks of winter storms (some more than others). While we may be getting sore arms from shoveling or wondering when the kids will have a full week of school again, trucks are having some trouble getting from Point A to Point B.

In Georgia, officials are preparing to order trucks off the interstates: Officials concerned about commercial trucks ahead of winter weather.

In New Jersey and New York, governors already closed the roads in previous storms: Riding out the storm in NJ truck stops.

In Tennessee, the governor suspended federal rules for commercial vehicles so food supplies, heating fuel and agricultural items that were delayed from the storms could be delivered: Haslam suspends rules to help trucks as winter storm lingers.

Did you know that the gas tax brings in about $34 billion each year, but the government spends about $50 billion on infrastructure projects each year? Congress passes temporary patches to help with the funding of projects, but latest one is set to expire in May.

Instead of another patch, Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx wants Congress to come up with a long-term answer, and that raising the gas tax isn’t it. And, he believes Congress will do it this year.

For more information, read The Hill’s article “Transportation chief sees ‘window’ for highway bill.”

On-Highway_Diesel_Fuel_PricesWhile gasoline prices rose a little this week, diesel prices continued to drop. Both prices are still more than a dollar less than prices were last year the same week.

According to the Energy Information Administration, diesel prices averaged $2.831 this week, .035 cents less than last week’s prices. For comparison, gasoline prices were $2.068, .024 cents higher than last week’s prices.

For the full report, visit the EIA’s site.