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Happy Father’s Day

Ashley Jankowski says her husband, Alvin, is the definition of what a father should be. Here’s one example of what he does, in her words: Just this past weekend, as he’s done many times before, he organized a full on, no holds barred, two-hour-long…

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Echo: Transportation bill passes

Last night, the House of Representatives passed a bill to fund both transportation and housing projects for the 2016 fiscal year. The bill provides $1.5 billion more than the 2015 amount, but $9.7 billion less than what President Obama requested. The bill provides funds…

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Echo: Diesel prices stay steady

While regular gasoline prices are slowly rising, diesel prices have plateaued in recent weeks. This week, the average price per gallon is $2.909. Last week it was $2.194, and the week before that, it was $2.904. Diesel prices are still a dollar lower than…

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