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This morning, we came across two items on the internet, both involving trucks without drivers. One was for safety, while the other laughs in the face of safety.

The first is a driverless crash truck to keep construction workers safe. The other is a driver who decided to do a stunt in which he drives the truck on a highway while he sits behind his seat and controls the steering wheel with straps, making it appear to passers-by that no one is driving.

To learn more about the crash truck, click here.

To see the driver most likely to crash, click here.

school_xing_thmIt’s back-to-school season, and while we are helping own children get ready for their new teachers, it’s easy to think about past teachers who have influenced us.

Cindy Moreno loved both her son and daughter’s kindergarten teachers, Mrs. Lindsey and Mrs. Smith, but also had one of her own that stands out- Senor Ortega.

“He was my Spanish teacher in high school for two years,” she said. “I think I liked him because he was always nice to me and I always did well in Spanish (better than in English – HAHA).  Spanish is just an easier language.”

Sometimes, though, those we send to school to be taught are actually the best teachers.

“My favorite teacher is my 8 year old daughter, Gracie,” Mike Wadja said. “She keeps me on my toes. She is brilliant, and I learn something new from her on a daily basis.”

Did you know the National Truck Driving Championship is going on right now? Did you even know there was such a competition?

More than 400 truck drivers compete in different classes, and an overall winner is determined. The competition started with a written exam on Thursday, followed by showing their driving skills on a course over a three-day period. All drivers are accident-free for the year and won their state competitions.

The NTDC is being held through Aug. 15 at the America’s Center Convention Complex and Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis.

For more information and photos, visit the American Trucking Association or Transport Topics.

Last night, the BATs bowled at Thunderbowl in Council Bluffs for our Summer Outing. But, we couldn’t just do regular bowling- we had to mix it up a bit by playing BAT Bowling Bingo.

In Bowling Bingo, the object is to fill your Bingo card by accomplishing goals and performing stunts. Ralph Blank was the first to earn a bingo, and Ashley Jankowski was the only one to completely fill her card.

Several said it was the best outing they’ve been to, even if there were some issues with knocking down the pins.The group

“I’m pretty sure the 10 pin was glued to the floor on most of my shots,” Blank said.

“I had a blast myself,” Mike Wadja said. “I also made out like a bandit on the prizes, walking out with about ten packs of various gum! We also came up with a BAT hand signal as seen in the pics!”

Some had too much fun, as few ended up calling in “sick” today…

To view all the photos from the night, check out our Facebook album.

On-Highway_Diesel_Fuel_Prices (1)Diesel prices are now an average $2.668 per gallon, the lowest the prices have been all year. This is .055 less than last week’s prices- which were also a new low for the year- and still more than a dollar less than the prices were a year ago, according to the Energy Information Administration.

The last dip in prices hit a low at $2.754 per gallon in April. Last year, prices continued to slightly drop throughout August, until plateauing in September.

For more information, visit the EIA’s website.