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Echo: Farms grow from shipping containers

At some point, you’ve probably been told to think outside the box. Well, a Boston company thought about reusing the box in an innovative way. Freight Farms is turning shipping containers into mobile farms. Learn more about the farms from KRQE’s report.

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Echo: State of Transportation

The President gave his State of the Union, and, yesterday, the secretary of transportation, Anthony Foxx, published his state of transportation. while it did not appear President Obama said much about transportation in his speech, Foxx showed where it fit in. He said transportation…

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Echo: Diesel prices continue to fall, but…

As the new year began, diesel prices continued the downward trend that started in November, but prices are no longer a dollar less than last year’s prices. According to the Energy Information Administration, this week’s average price per gallon was $2.211, which is 2.4…

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