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How can shippers can have more success on their freight bids?

Jarrod Marinello, Executive Vice President/Owner: First, decide how many providers to use, then reward business to each one of the providers. You may want to use some more than others, but use each at least five percent.

Don’t award the lanes based on the provider being the lowest cost. Instead, mix it up. This strategy allows the particular provider to average out on its margin, keeps the provider committed on lanes losing margin, counteracts any changes in market, and sustains from provider needing price increases. In return, shippers hold more leverage over their transportation providers, and build up loyalty and sustain locked in pricing year round.

We’re nearly halfway through the Live Healthy Iowa 10 Week Wellness Challenge, and we’re already seeing the results of our hard work.

The team in the lead at this point in the challenge is Weapons of Mass Reduction with  5,120 minutes of activity and a group weight loss of .55 percent. Each team member earned a pedometer for their efforts.

For individual tracking, Ralph Blank and Ashley Jankowski are tied for most weight lost at 1.7 percent, and Joe Kier has logged the most activity at 2,050 minutes.

Since 2002, Live Healthy Iowa has helped people lose weight and be more active through its 10 Week Wellness Challenge. This year, BAT Logistics decided to help the organization with its goal to make Iowa the healthiest state in the nation.

“We spend a lot of time taking care of others, taking care of business, taking care of things, and so often neglect taking care of ‘me,'” said Jankowski, BAT’s General Manager.  “This wellness challenge is encouraging our staff to do just that- take care of themselves.  If we can be the best and feel the best, we will give our best.”

Weapons of Mass Reduction

Weapons of Mass Reduction


Jon Ellsworth


Jon Ellsworth is the BAT Logistics’ Top Dog for January! He was selected by his peers and management for his consistent hard work throughout the month.

Team members noted his efforts to give special attention to a customer over a weekend, as well as his initiative to handle issues.

“It’s an extreme honor to be given the award for the first time that it was handed out,” Ellsworth said. “But, this was just me doing my job and everyone in this company is solid. So, it could have been any of us that got it and I just happened to be lucky this time.”

His award included a $50 gift card. He has been working at BAT since January 2014.


16 jan top dog

On-Highway_Diesel_Fuel_Prices (1)This week, the average diesel price is $2.031 per gallon, according to the Energy Information Administration. This is four cents less than a week ago, and 80 cents less than prices this week a year ago.

Regular gasoline prices have been below the $2 mark for a few weeks, and it looks like the average diesel price will be there very soon. In fact, the Lower Atlantic, Midwest, Gulf Coast and Rocky Mountain regions are already seeing diesel prices below $2.

To read the full report, visit the EIA’s website.