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Stephen Sinclair is the BAT Logistics’ Top Dog for March! He was selected by his peers and management for his consistent hard work throughout the month.

Team members noted his efforts to help with issues after hours, assist people with their workload, and being an all-around solid guy. He’s also stepped in to help coach team members facing tough situations, and shared his knowledge from facing the issues before in his career.

His award included a $50 gift card. He has been working at BAT since October 2009.

March top dog

On-Highway_Diesel_Fuel_Prices (2)Diesel fuel prices seem to be hovering slightly above the $2 mark. This week, the average price across the country was $2.115 a gallon, slightly less than last week’s price of $2.121 a gallon. Last week, the average price had gone up .3 cents.

In six areas across the country, prices increased this week.

The average price is about 67 cents less than prices last year.

For more information, visit the Energy Information Administration’s website.