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Teri meets Super Frog, TCU's Horned Frog mascot.

Teri meets Super Frog, TCU’s Horned Frog mascot.

The College World Series began this weekend, and of course a BAT was there to enjoy a game.

Accounting Manager Teri McClun went to Game 4 Sunday night in which Florida beat TCU 3-0.

Although she is a TCU fan, she still had fun meeting other fans from Texas and a TCU alumnus who now plays football for Kansas.

Teri has been going to the College World Series games since she was little, and became a TCU fan four years ago.

The College World Series was first played in Omaha in 1950, and has been played here every year since. The final eight teams in the NCAA tournament come to Omaha to participate in the series. The series continues throughout the month of June. (TCU’s next game is 2 p.m. Tuesday against Texas A&M.)

Teri's view of the TCU v. Florida game at TD Ameritrade Park.

Teri’s view of the TCU v. Florida game at TD Ameritrade Park.

On-Highway Diesel Fuel Prices (6)The last week of May saw diesel prices jump about 3 cents after steadily falling for just over a month, according data from the Energy Information Administration. However, prices leveled this week at an average $2.564 per gallon.

In April, prices had reached the high for the calendar year at $2.597 per gallon. Prices are nearly 16 cents higher than prices were a year ago this week.

For more information, visit the EIA’s website.