BAT Logistics Market Watch

May 18, 2010

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BAT’s Action Plan This Peak Season

Over the past weeks market rates have been increasing in several areas.We are doing our absolute best to look out for your transportation budgetand trucking needs during this time that trucks are at the highest demands inover a decade. In order to keep your freight moving we have been utilizing our spot quotes from our driver base thats agreeing to dedicate its equipment/trucks to serving BAT’s customer. We feel this strategy is the bestplan of action for BAT to secure a greater amount of truck capacity for our customers. This strategy will ensure BAT can provide trucking options with themost reliable results.

Why Have Truck Rates Have Increased?
There are several reasons to why truck load rates have soared to highest levels in over a decade. We decided to list just a few of the many reasons this peak season has been more costly shipping freight then previous peak seasons. This information is according to American Trucking Association, Department of Transportation,and the ISM.

-2008 more than 3000 trucking companies went out of business. That’s 3.5 less trucks on the road for every 50.

-2009 4th Quarter over 500 trucking companies went out  of business. That’s -2009 Kenosha’s JHT Holdings Inc., the country’s largest factory-to-dealerhauler of newly built semitrailer trucks, reorganized in a voluntary bankruptcy proceeding last year.

-2009 Tonnage was down more than 15% As a result less trucks than ever on the roads.  With that said, freight has started to increase thus causing a shortage of trucks vs. available freight.

-2010 Jan thru April marks 4 consecutive months freight has been on the rise, even trucking analyst didn’t expect.

-2010 A majority of trucks started 2010 losing  money over the rapid fuel increasing and were unable to charge current fuel surcharge in enough time.

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