BAT Logistics see a spike in its Partial/Consolidated services

We have seen a huge spike in our Partial/Consolidated service this month. This service allows customers to only pay for the amount of space they utilize instead of paying for the price of a full truckload.

BAT suggests this service when shipping four pallets or more with a limit of 11 pallets and weight of 3,000lbs or more with a limit 10,000lbs. Anything below or over this requirement we suggest other ways to move the freight.

In the past 30 days, we have seen a 40% increase for this service. It has been a mixture of current customers discovering our partial service, new customers, and current customers that have increased their volume because of the huge savings. It’s just been amazing to hear some of the feedback on how much we have been able to save the customers who, before BAT Logistics, either requested a full truck load or LTL service.

LTL(less than truck load) which typically ranges anywhere between 100 and 10,000 lbs per load.

What separates our Partial/Consolidated service from the competiton is simply our lower prices. There has always been a grey area between LTL and Partial/Consolidated service when it comes to prices. Call us today and we will identify how much you could save with us!

If you’re interested in more information or curious about how much you could save shipping with BAT Logistics please email or please contact BAT Logistics today at 1-877-BAT-TRUX(228-8789).

Jarrod Marinello