BAT Strengthens Online Presence

Over the past week, you may have noticed BAT Logistics getting a little more social on the web. Our Facebook page got a little face lift, and we added Twitter and Google+ accounts to our social media.

But, we’re not stopping there.

Our blogs from now on will be restructured into four categories, each with the following headers:

  • Press Release – We have always posted press releases here among other blog posts, but now it will be easier for the media to identify them.

  • In the Media – When BAT appears in media, we’ll let you know where with a link to the source.

  • Echo – Bats use echoes, the repeating of sound as it bounces off a surface, to see. We can only see our future by keeping up with industry news and supporting our clients.  Extended family news will now be “echoed” in our blogs.

  • Spelunking – Spelunking is the exploration of caves, making it the perfect header for blogs that let you explore our cave and the people who work inside it.

To keep up-to-date on all your BAT news, be sure to follow this blog and all our social media accounts.