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President/Owner Shawn Rorie, Executive Vice President/Owner Jarrod Marinello, and General Manager Ashley Jankowski represented BAT Logistics at the TIA 2015 Capital Ideas Conference and Exhibition held April 15-18 in Orlando, Fla. The conference is a meeting of third-party logistics providers.

The event featured education sessions, networking opportunities and vendor booths.

“Many of the seminars I attended, like ‘Did You Dot the I’s and Cross the T’s,’ were helpful seminars,” Marinello said. He also thought the education sessions about regulations were valuable.

For more information bout TIA, visit the association’s website.

On-Highway_Diesel_Fuel_Prices (1)Diesel prices are at their lowest price so far this year and appear to be back on the downward trend we started seeing in December.

Back in February, prices hit a low of $2.831 a gallon before rising for a month. Last week, prices dipped down to $2.824, and are now .04 cents lower at $2.784.

This week’s price per gallon is $1.175 less than they were a year ago this week. It’s also .16 cents less than a month ago.

For more information, visit the US Energy Information Administration’s website.

Justin PefferIf there is ever a question about something that happened in history, especially World War II, ask Justin Peffer. He enjoys history so much, he spends quite a bit of his free time reading it.

But, he still takes the time to enjoy other activities, like playing basketball, jogging and watching football.

Peffer started on BAT’s Dispatch Team in February. He earned a degree in Business Management at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. He believes his abilities to communicate and think outside of the box make him great at his job.

He also has a combination of abilities which can make him fun to be around- he can make light of any situation, has a great memory and pays attention to details.

Vern Hayes

Did you know we have royalty here at BAT? Vern Hayes, who joined BAT in December, was his high school’s homecoming king.

Since those glory days, he joined the Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, got a degree in management from the University of Northern Iowa, and has gotten certifications from both OSHA and MSSC.

The Sioux City-native believes his communication skills make him great at his job as a logistics representative. In his free time, he enjoys reading and volunteering. His favorite book is The Holy Bible.

It’s hard to believe, but BAT Logistics was started seven years ago this week. We celebrated with BAT Spirit Week, a week full of fun dress-up opportunities, auctions, raffles, and other surprises.

The office was decorated for a party, complete with photos from the past seven years displayed in the shape of the number “7.”

We started the week with Movie Monday, on which we dressed up as movie characters. Rebecca McLean won as Hulk Hogan, star of films like “No Holds Barred” and “WrestleMania 3.”


Movie Monday

Then, we showed our support for our favorite sports team on Team Tuesday. Katy Wilson easily won us over with her cheering for two outfit.

Team Tuesday

Team Tuesday

On Wednesday, we got to roll out of bed come to work in our pajamas. Even though a few came with their favorite stuffed animals, Katrina Forney’s honest make-up less look and Hello Kitty slippers took the prize on Wonderful Wednesday.

Wonderful Wednesday

Wonderful Wednesday

Throwback Thursday gave us a little bit of everything from disco hair to last decade’s striped collared shirts. Shawn’s afro won the day, no matter who was wearing it. (Stephen Sinclair is wearing it in the photo.)

Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday

Friday was BAT Pride Day where we wore as much BAT gear as we wanted. Some even made new BAT gear to be dressed head-to-toe in BAT. Everyone was best dressed, so there were extra prizes through the day. We also celebrated with a special lunch for everyone.

BAT Pride Friday

BAT Pride Friday

Thanks for joining us for our kick off of another year!

See our Photo Album on the BAT Logistics Facebook Page.


We’ve had a rough few weeks of winter storms (some more than others). While we may be getting sore arms from shoveling or wondering when the kids will have a full week of school again, trucks are having some trouble getting from Point A to Point B.

In Georgia, officials are preparing to order trucks off the interstates: Officials concerned about commercial trucks ahead of winter weather.

In New Jersey and New York, governors already closed the roads in previous storms: Riding out the storm in NJ truck stops.

In Tennessee, the governor suspended federal rules for commercial vehicles so food supplies, heating fuel and agricultural items that were delayed from the storms could be delivered: Haslam suspends rules to help trucks as winter storm lingers.

Did you know that the gas tax brings in about $34 billion each year, but the government spends about $50 billion on infrastructure projects each year? Congress passes temporary patches to help with the funding of projects, but latest one is set to expire in May.

Instead of another patch, Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx wants Congress to come up with a long-term answer, and that raising the gas tax isn’t it. And, he believes Congress will do it this year.

For more information, read The Hill’s article “Transportation chief sees ‘window’ for highway bill.”

On-Highway_Diesel_Fuel_PricesWhile gasoline prices rose a little this week, diesel prices continued to drop. Both prices are still more than a dollar less than prices were last year the same week.

According to the Energy Information Administration, diesel prices averaged $2.831 this week, .035 cents less than last week’s prices. For comparison, gasoline prices were $2.068, .024 cents higher than last week’s prices.

For the full report, visit the EIA’s site.

There’s a lot of division between Republicans and President Obama, but transportation appears to be one thing they can agree on funding.

In his State of the Union address (for which Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx was absent- he was the cabinet member picked to skip the speech in case the worst happens),  Obama asked Congress to pass an infrastructure plan, and members of Congress agree something needs to be done to repair our roads.

Learn more by reading The Hill’s article, “New hope for deal on infrastructure funds.”

It’s likely you’ve seen at least one on the news– a train derails, but, even worse, it’s carrying crude oil that causes a major explosion. There has been an increase in rail shipments of crude oil over the years, which is likely part of the reason accidents are also increasing. The primary tank cars for transporting crude oil are also old and could be replaced with newer, tougher cars.

As a result, the DOT proposed new rules last year on the rail shipments of flammable liquid. The proposed rules included phasing out old equipment and placing a lower speed limit on cargo trains carrying high-hazard flammable liquids like crude oil and ethanol.

The final rules were expected today, but VICE News reports the DOT said it won’t be able to publish those rules until May. Either way, new rules are coming, and companies that ship these liquids may want to start planning for any upgrades needed.