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On-Highway_Diesel_Fuel_PricesWhile gasoline prices rose a little this week, diesel prices continued to drop. Both prices are still more than a dollar less than prices were last year the same week.

According to the Energy Information Administration, diesel prices averaged $2.831 this week, .035 cents less than last week’s prices. For comparison, gasoline prices were $2.068, .024 cents higher than last week’s prices.

For the full report, visit the EIA’s site.

There’s a lot of division between Republicans and President Obama, but transportation appears to be one thing they can agree on funding.

In his State of the Union address (for which Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx was absent- he was the cabinet member picked to skip the speech in case the worst happens),  Obama asked Congress to pass an infrastructure plan, and members of Congress agree something needs to be done to repair our roads.

Learn more by reading The Hill’s article, “New hope for deal on infrastructure funds.”

It’s likely you’ve seen at least one on the news– a train derails, but, even worse, it’s carrying crude oil that causes a major explosion. There has been an increase in rail shipments of crude oil over the years, which is likely part of the reason accidents are also increasing. The primary tank cars for transporting crude oil are also old and could be replaced with newer, tougher cars.

As a result, the DOT proposed new rules last year on the rail shipments of flammable liquid. The proposed rules included phasing out old equipment and placing a lower speed limit on cargo trains carrying high-hazard flammable liquids like crude oil and ethanol.

The final rules were expected today, but VICE News reports the DOT said it won’t be able to publish those rules until May. Either way, new rules are coming, and companies that ship these liquids may want to start planning for any upgrades needed.


15-1-5-On-Highway_Diesel_Fuel_PricesIt may be 2015, but the gas prices are making us feel like we traveled back in time.

Diesel prices dropped to $3.137 this week, a price we haven’t seen since 2010, according to the Energy Information Administration.

This price is also $.076 less than last week’s price and $.773 less than last year’s price this week.

To see the numbers, visit the website for the EIA’s Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Update.

Another year is winding down, and, thanks to our amazing employees and customers, it was another great one.


As we do every year, we grew. Throughout the year, we hired nine new employees, and we created six new positions. We now have 24 total employees.

Our loads arranged also increased. We arranged the movement of more than 12,000 loads, about 500 more than last year.

In April, we created a new division, LTL. This new division allowed us to dedicate a team to helping customers save money on their shipments that were less than a truckload. Eighteen percent of customers were able to save money through our new LTL division.


14 BAT Charity Graphic

As we succeed, we believe it is important to help others succeed. We donate to causes throughout the year as we can. This year, our total contributions were about $23,000.

One of our favorite charities is a literacy foundation, which holds a golf tournament each year to help raise funds. A large amount of our donations this year went to this foundation.

For the first time this year, we hosted a food and fund drive in our office. We also provided sponsorships to a few golf tournaments raising money for charities, as well as sponsored a race. And. of course, we participated in the charity event of the year, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.


As we celebrated our sixth anniversary in March, our organized fun began. We held our First Annual BAT Week in March, with the most popular day being BAT Spirit Day with 14 participants. Then, in October, we held our first BAT Games.

We had two family outings- one to Henry Doorly Zoo, the other to the Rorie Farm. We also had no problem with dressing up for Halloween and an Ugly Sweater Party.

bat only


We have major things planned for 2015, and we cannot wait to share them with you.

Once upon time, we’d crack out as authentic of a “thank you” as possible when we were gifted an ugly Christmas sweater. We’d fear the day we had to wear it to show the giver we appreciated it.

Today, the sweaters have become so popular, second-hand clothing businesses set-up pop-up shops just to sell the ugly apparel. We have parties and contests to honor the sweaters.

BAT held its own contest today with Eric Damon and Joe Kier winning in a tie. Eric’s v-neck cardigan sweater featured candy cane trim and snowmen with Steve Barnes’ and Anthony Harder’s heads. Joe’s puffy paint and felt creation has a snowman and Santa holding a present and a candy cane.


Ugly Sweater Contents participants are (back row) Luke, Charlie, Joe, Eric, Mike, (front row) Katy, Rebecca, and Katie.

While the homemade sweaters won overall, Katie Forney’s authentic ugly sweater came in a close second place.

We like to have fun at BAT, and 2014 saw more of it than ever before. A lot of first-time events and activities mixed with the old to help us work better as a team and enjoy our time together. Here are some of our favorite memories from 2014:

Being Hired: Ben Caldwell was one of the first of our new hires for the year, and just that was “pretty good moment” for him.

Pie Face: Last year, Ashley Jankowski took a pie in the face for the team meeting a goal. This spring, Stephen Sinclair, the person who pied her, got the whipped facial for an accomplished goal.

“I got him back,” Ashley said while describing her favorite moment of the year. “And I got him good!”

BAT Games:  The first-ever BAT Games, a training and team building activity, was held at the beginning of October. It was part trivia game, part physical challenges.

“It was just a creative, different way to get the group excited and motivated,” Krysten Parrish said.

chocolate unicorn1

BAT Games

Fall Family Outing: Our Annual Fall Family Outing was held at the Rorie Farm in October. Ben also loved this event, describing it as, “good food, good people, good times.”


Fall Outing

Christmas Party: Our celebration of the year was an obvious favorite.

“I got to hang out with people I don’t get as much interaction with in here,” Steve Barnes said. “Everyone let their hair down and really just kicked back and enjoyed themselves. It was really fun.”

Eric Damon added, “Jon Ellsworth’s dancing at the company Christmas party was pretty fantastic.”

party- pianos

Blazin’ Pianos performs at our Christmas Party.

This weekend, BAT’s Annual Christmas Party was held at Steinhart Lodge in Nebraska City, Neb. Our amazing entertainment for the evening was Blazin’ Pianos, dueling piano players. Everyone enjoyed singing and dancing along.

The evening also featured our Second Annual Batty Awards! The winners were:

  • Best Back Flip on a Jumping Pillow- Charlie Elmore
  • Most Creative Nickname- Ian Goodrich with Ear Wig
  • Most Check Calls in November 2014- Jon Ellsworth
  • Brokered the Most Loads in 2014- Anthony Harder with over 1,900
  • Built the Most Loads in 2014- Katy Wilson and the National Team
  • Customer Rep Supporting the Customer with the Highest Average Revenue per Load- Krysten Parrish
  • Biggest Suck Up and Moocher of BAT Bucks- Steve Barnes
  • Biggest Supporter of BAT- All the Spouses and Partners of BAT Employees (all guests took home a prize too)
  • The Job Hopper Award (moved positions the most at BAT)- Tie between Ben Caldwell and Jon Ellsworth
  • Brought on the Most New Customers in 2014- Cindy Moreno


Prizes included 42-inch TVs, $300 in airfare, extra vacation time, hour long massages and $100 gift cards. Six prizes were auctioned off using BAT Bucks.

Following the party, we stayed overnight at the Lied Lodge.



COUNCIL BLUFFS, Iowa– BAT Logistics, one of the fastest growing 3PL providers of transportation services, donated 961 items of food and $1,270 to the Food Bank for the Heartland today.

The donation was the result of BAT’s first food drive, which was held throughout the month of November. Six teams within the company competed against each other to collect the most food and funds. The Customer Service team came out on top with 298 items of food and $65 in funds.

“The less fortunate are the real winners,” said General Manager Ashley Jankowski, who organized the drive.

On top of the food and $270 raised by all the team members, BAT added $1000 to the donation. The food donation weighed in at 770 pounds.

The Food Bank for the Heartland provides food to people in need in Nebraska and western Iowa.

BAT Food Donate 14 web

BAT team members proudly display all the food and funds they collected in November for Food Bank for the Heartland.

14 FoodBank Donation

Joe Kier and Shawn Rorie present BAT’s monetary donation to Brian Barks, Director of Development and Communications for the food bank.

About BAT Logistics
Backhaul and Track Logistics d/b/a BAT Logistics provides transportation solutions to the shipping community. Our core strength is full truck load services in dry, refrigerated, and rail commodities. Our services are executed using key national carriers with a focus on small to medium sized carriers. We operate in headhaul and backhaul lanes both regionally and cross-country. We also utilize door-to-door rail services that cover the entire nation. Our industry knowledge and experience using rail transportation gives us a clear and distinct advantage over the competition.

Phone – 7122567260
Fax – 7122567265
20 Arena Way, Suite 2
Council Bluffs, IA 51501


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It may be known as Black Friday, but Nebraska Cornhuskers fans hope to see all red on Friday. The Huskers will visit Kinnick Stadium to face the Iowa Hawkeyes for the Heroes Trophy.

The Hawkeyes won last year, but the Huskers lead the rivalry, 28-13-3.


Ben Caldwell and his wife at the Nebraska-Rutgers game earlier this year.

You may have heard of houses divided, but BAT could be considered a business divided. We have at least five on Nebraska’s side, and two on Iowa’s.

In fact, two of our team members have a friendly bet for the game. If Nebraska wins, Iowa fan Eric Damon has to come to work on Monday dressed in Husker gear. If Iowa wins, Nebraska fan Mike Wajda has to come to work dressed in Hawkeye gear. Eric will be at the game.

“It will be the first time I’ve gone to a game in Kinnick since high school,” he said. “I played college football, and could never go. And then, I started working in restaurants after college and was always so busy.”

At least one of our Nebraska backers isn’t confident.

“I am all for the Huskers, but I am nervous after our performance against Wisconsin,” Katy Wilson said. “I think it is anyone’s game at this point, and Iowa has our number. So, I think the Huskers will win, but not by more than a touchdown.”


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