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For our spring family outing, BAT visited Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo on Saturday. Katie Forney, Shawn Rorie, Steve Barnes, Phillip Kimsey, Stephen Sinclair, Krysten Parrish, Ashley Jankowski, Eric Damon, Anthony Harder, Benjamin Caldwell and their families enjoyed seeing the fish, gorillas and even real bats.

We hosted our Christmas party at the zoo’s Scott Aquarium two years ago. We love going back to the zoo because there is always so much to see there and everyone, both young and old, always has a great time.

The zoo spans 130 acres and includes thousands of animals from all over the globe.

The best part of the visit for Anthony was the Cat Complex. While in this section, he got to see and hear a lion roar for the first time!


Real bats!


In the Lied Jungle, Eden (Shawn’s daughter) and Franco (Ashley’s son) show they can hang like bats and orangutans.

zoo_barnes giraffes

While riding on the Skyfari, Steve Barnes and his kids, Vinny and Abby, look for giraffes.

Jon Ellsworth BAT Logistics

Jon Ellsworth joined our Operations team in January. From Springfield, Nebraska, he always tries to be positive, and, as a result, is happy and outgoing.

In his free time, Jon enjoys the outdoors. He is a member of Pheasants Forever, Ducks Forever and loves gardening. He also brews beer and wine, plays online games and enjoys working on his 1974 Chevy Nova.

During football season, he spends Saturdays cheering for the Cornhuskers and Sundays supporting the Browns.

BAT Logistics Steve Coenen

Logistics Representative Steve Coenen has only been with BAT for a year. In that time, he’s proven to be hard working and sharp.

In fact, his favorite accessory at BAT is his headset.

When he is not working, Steve enjoys spending time with his family.

The Omaha native is also licensed journeyman technician.

For more information, see Which Steve is Which?

CSX opened a state-of-the-art intermodal facility in Winter Haven, Fla. this week, according to Progressive Railroading.

The facility is full of green technologies, including solar panels and LED lighting. It plans to process up to 300,000 containers a year.

To learn more, read the Progressive Railroading article.

Can you believe BAT is now six years old? To celebrate our anniversary, we held our First Annual BAT Spirit Week. Each day had a special theme for which we could dress up for prizes.

Monday was Best Team Spirit, Tuesday was Hat Day, Wednesday was Pajama Day and Thursday was Crazy Hair Day. Today was BAT Spirit Day, and we were treated to a professional massage!

Our daily winners were Charlie on Monday, Katy on Tuesday, Anthony on Wednesday, Joe on Thursday and Charles on Friday.





Cindy Moreno shows off her medal.

This weekend, BAT Director of Sales Cindy Moreno donned a crown and pink tutu to run in the Disney Princess Half Marathon at Disney World in Florida. It was her first time running in a half marathon, and she finished 14,772 out of 19,000 runners.

For those who don’t know, a half marathon is 13.1 miles. She finished it in 3 hours and 29 minutes. Since it was her first time, her goal was to finish and not be the last one across the finish line.

“It was hard work, but so much fun at the same time,” Moreno said. “I will be doing this again, and my goal next time will be to finish under three hours.”

For more information about the event, visit the Run Disney website.

Earlier this week, President Obama announced plans to improve the fuel efficiency of trucks. He told the Environmental Protection Agency and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to propose the new regulations by March 2015.

The White House has released a fact sheet with details on the announcement. has article explaining the announcement and what is already on the way, including reactions from the trucking industry.

There are some bright spots besides the reflection of light off the tons of snow we’ve seen this year– intermodal traffic has been growing over last year’s numbers, with a year-to-date increase of 1.1 percent, according to the American Association of Railroads.

The report, ending Feb. 8, showed the commodity with the highest increase was farm and food products, followed by grain.
For more information, read the AAR’s report.

Every four years, the Winter Olympics inspires the young- at least for a month- to train for a winter sport. Sometimes, though, even adults have dreams of standing on a podium as the National Anthem plays. So, if we could, which sports would some of our BAT team members compete in?

Steve Coenen: I have been an avid curler for about 8 years now. Haven’t made it to the Olympics yet, but it is a dream! I’ve got a few kinks to work out, but I will make it. I know I will.

Krysten Parrish: Skiing. I have only been skiing a few times in my life and I loved the rush it gave me. But I’m also an adrenaline junkie.

Steve Barnes: This isn’t close. Who wouldn’t want to be on a bobsled team? First of all, John Candy is a coach. And Doug E. Doug is awesome. Whatever happened to Doug E. Doug…

Cindy Moreno: I wish I could compete in downhill skiing, I love skiing and the thrill of going that fast and still being in control is exciting.

Football’s grand finale is this Sunday, and we’ve made it pretty clear many of us at BAT are big fans of the sport. So, of course we know exactly what food to prepare for our family and friends who will be watching the game with us.

Here are some of our favorite recipes you should try:

Bacon Wrapped Little Smokies

(submitted by Charles Elmore)


1 package of little smokies to 1 package of bacon,

Slice bacon into halves and roll it up around the “smoky”

Set oven to 350 and very lightly oil the pan, depending on how you like your bacon cooked will determine the cook time so you will have to check periodically.

Drain the grease from the pan and place the “smokies” on a plate of paper towels to remove any excess grease.

Place them in a container or bowl and layer in BBQ of your choice.


Buffalo Chicken and Cheese Balls

(submitted by Cindy Moreno)


1 store bought rotisserie chicken

¼ cup hot sauce (recommended Franks Red Hot)

1 teaspoon ground black pepper

1 ¾ cups sharp cheddar cheese

¼ cup freshly sliced scallions (I don’t use these)

1 cup all-purpose flour

3 eggs (lightly beaten)

2 cups panko bread crumbs (or any brand bread crumbs)

Vegetable Oil, for frying

Heat Oil to 350 degrees

Pick the meat from the chicken and discard the skin. (I cut up the chicken in my food processor but you don’t have to) Place chicken in a large bowl and add the hot sauce, pepper, cheese, scallions and toss to combine. Roll the chicken into 2 oz balls about the size of a golf ball.

Place flour, eggs and bread crumbs in 3 separate bowls. Roll each ball in the flour, then the egg and then the bread crumbs and set aside.

When the oil is hot fry the chicken balls in batches cook for about 2 minutes per batch. Remove the chicken to paper towel lined plate to drain the excess oil.

***another thing I have added in the past is cream cheese to the middle. I roll the cream cheese into small balls and when making the chicken balls I wrap the chicken around the cream cheese and then fry them. YUM!! But extra work and time.

For frying I use my Fry Daddy. They are inexpensive if you need to buy one and handy for this and chicken fingers.

I serve these with a bowl of ranch or blue cheese dressing.


Easy Summer Salad

(submitted by Krysten Parrish)



1 package of coleslaw

1 package of chicken flavored Ramen Noodles uncooked (break up the Ramen noodles in the package so they are small and in bite size pieces)

4-5 green onion stalks (chop into small pieces and use the entire stalk)

1 small package of sliced almonds

½ cup of sunflower seeds


½ cup of oil

3T of vinegar

2T of sugar

Chicken flavoring from Ramen Noodles

Throw all the dry ingredients in a bowl. Toss. Make sure Ramen noodles are broken up well. Pour dressing over salad and toss. Super easy and super yummy! Only takes 10 minutes to make.


Football Treats

(submitted by Ashley Jankowski)


I do a giant rice krispie bar… but made with cocoa krispies instead of regular to get the brown color, and I shape it in to a football and put frosting laces on it.

I also make Oreo ball footballs.

Take 1 package of your favorite flavored Oreo’s (I use Mint Oreos) and crush them. Mix the crushed Oreos with 1 8 oz package of softened cream cheese.

Mix these together until the mix is almost paste like.

Mold the mix in to football shaped individual servings and set aside.

Once all molded together, freeze the footballs to hold shape.

After frozen for 30 min to an hour, remove from freezer and dip in melted chocolate.

Allow chocolate coating to harden and top with melted white chocolate laces for decoration.