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What could have inspired BAT General Manager Ashley Jankowski to type the words, “My job > your job!” on social media last weekend?

Contributing to charity is the answer. Okay, contributing to charity while kayaking, watching bull riding and attending a private Blake Shelton concert.

Last weekend, BAT President Shawn Rorie, Jankowski and National Account Leader Joe Kier traveled to Nashville, Tenn. to attend this awesome charity event to raise funds for a literacy foundation sponsored by a customer.

On Saturday night, the trio saw professional bull riding. They saw bulls Bushwacker (in his second-to-last appearance before retirement) and Mick E. Mouse.

On Sunday, they kayaked down the Harpeth River in Nashville.

“We saw lots of turtles, Shawn saw two snakes and a spiders were on Ashley’s kayak, but Shawn and I saved her and got rid of the spiders,” Kier said. “No one fell in the river, which was good.”

That night, Blake Shelton performed for about an hour for everyone at the event. He joked about being a bar band for the night and took requests.

Rorie and Kier also participated in the golf tournament held at Vanderbilt Legends Club. They shot even.

On-Highway_Diesel_Fuel_Prices (1)This week, diesel prices dropped again to $3.814 per gallon, according to the Energy Information Administration. The average price is .007 cents less than last week and .167 less than a year ago.

And, the trend is expected to continue. Prices typically drop after Labor Day (this week’s prices were released on Labor Day) and throughout the fall months.

Prices have been dropping since June 30, when diesel was $3.920 a gallon. Prices reached a high this year at $4.021 on March 10.

Getting diagnosed with ALS is getting a death sentence. The disease causes muscle weakness, paralysis and eventually respiratory failure. It can attack quickly, giving the person only 2-5 years of life after diagnosis, but a few live as many as 10 years. There is only one medication for treating ALS, and that only gives people a few extra months of life.

More research is needed to find more effective treatments for ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. Since the Ice Bucket Challenge started, participants across the country have donated $50 million for research, at last check.

At 2:30 p.m. today, we did our part to help. The BAT Logistics managers were challenged by Amber Mascarello as part of Physmed, Inc. team’s completion of the challenge. Mascarello is General Manager Ashley Jankowski’s sister.  To raise additional funds for ALS, we auctioned off who got to pour the water on each manager and lead.



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(left to right: Chuck Kizer, bucket poured by Mike Wajda; Katie Forney, poured by Luke Nastase; Ashley Jankowski, poured by Stephen Sinclair; Krysten Parrish, poured by Eric Damon; Joe Kier, poured by Katy Wilson; and Ralph Blank, poured by Anthony Harder.)

bat shirts

Ralph Blank, Joe Kier, Shawn Rorie and Ben Caldwell all wore their black BAT shirts to our celebration dinner last week.

It’s hard to forget the various Bat-accessories- from the Batarang to the Bat Spray Shark Repellent- the Caped Crusader always seems to have on hand.


Cindy Moreno has expressed her love for her BAT sticky notes.

At BAT, we have a number of accessories- from hoodies to sticky notes- all with the BAT Logistics logo on them. And, while we all have our favorite items, the t-shirts are quite popular with everyone.

It’s enjoyable when two of us are wearing the same color and style (there are a few), but last week four of the guys not only were wearing the same shirt, but ended up sitting next to each other at our June goals celebration dinner last week.

“It was hilarious they all sat next to each other,” Ashley Jankowski said.

This month, a new BAT-accessory will hitting the greens- our very own golf balls! We can’t wait to share them with customers, friends and maybe a few water hazards…

mike wajdaOne of newest BAT team members is Mike Wajda. He started as a dispatcher just a month ago.

His previous job experience as a driver makes him great at relating to drivers while working at BAT.

The South Omaha native enjoys spending time with his family, skateboarding and watching the Cornhuskers. The most surprising thing about Mike is he has fought in the cage 20 times.

anthony harder

Some people are only good at one thing. Others, like Central Specialist Anthony Harder, have a variety of talents and skills.

Before starting at BAT in September 2013, Anthony worked as a utility locator. He is certified in all 50 states to find gas, water, electric, phone and cable lines.

Outside of work, he manages and promotes the music groups Dummy Head Torpedo and The Blue Room Trio.

He also enjoys playing basketball, and his favorite team is the LA Lakers.

It’s no surprise the Omaha native values teamwork and credits his teammates for making him great at his job.

Family time seems to be at its peak in the summer months. When not working hard at BAT, we enjoy our moments with family and friends.

Ashley Jankowski visits her grandparents’ house on a lake in Columbus, Neb. The area is known for its outdoor activities, but family is what makes it Ashley’s favorite summer place.

While others like to escape to favorite spots on lakes and rivers, Steve Barnes prefers to stay at home.

“My favorite part of summer is sitting outside at night grilling out with my friends and neighbors,” he said.

Steve and his friends also like to play outside games like bags and Polish horseshoes.

Most of the time we see trucks driving along the interstates and other well-traveled roads. But, sometimes, they make deliveries in places that if not careful, could be treacherous for the 18-wheelers.

I recently moved to a house with what could be considered a treacherous driveway. It has two curves, fairly easy for a car to handle, but apparently difficult for a moving truck.

The driver got up the driveway with quite a bit a stopping, planning and maneuvering. But, on the way out, he took the first curve a little too tight and ended up almost sending the trailer off the edge of a 15-foot drop.

A tow truck driver and his pre-teen daughter came to save the day. As he figured out how he was going to get the moving truck out, the girl reassured us that her daddy was the best, and that they’ve helped trucks in worse situations. He somehow quickly turned his truck around in our driveway (so, he is also an amazing driver), and then used a huge tree as leverage to pull the moving truck back on track.

This tow truck operator is certainly a hero for trucks, as many others across this country are. Their job can be dangerous, as they are saving large vehicles from sticky situations, and sometimes are doing so as traffic is zooming by. They are truly road heroes.

Truck drivers must follow federal requirements to stay rested in order to prevent accidents, but, as seen in the recent NJ Turnpike crash that killed comedian James McNair and injured Tracy Morgan, some drivers may not be getting that rest.

As a result, Sen. Chuck Schumer wants electronic logging devices, or black boxes, to watch over drivers and prevent them from fixing log books.

For more information, read NBC’s article.



COUNCIL BLUFFS, Iowa– With the beautiful spring weather comes golf tournaments raising money for many worthy causes. BAT Logistics, one of the fastest growing 3PL providers of transportation services, donated to a few recently.

On May 24, BAT sponsored a hole at the Scholarship Foundation Golf Tournament at Eagle Hills Golf Course in La Vista, Neb. On June 1, we sponsored a hole for the Arch Alumni golf outing, also at Eagle Hills. On June 5, we sponsored a hole at the Annual Golf Classic in New York to benefit the Regional Food Bank.

golf hole 2

golf hole 1

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