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Freight demand is on the rise while the supply of available trucks in the market is starting to decline. Customers responsible for shipping freight will need to play it safe and avoid holding out for the cheapest price to have its freight hauled.

Think of the freight transportation market as the stock market. Higher risk is holding out for the cheapest price to have your freight hauled, which is comparable to a stock broker in the stock market searching to pay the least amount for a targeted stock.

The moderate risk is paying what a customer in the freight transportation market believes to be a fair price to have his or her freight hauled, in comparison to the stock broker paying what he or she believes to be a fair price for the targeted stock. Its as simple as that.

The only difference is the stock broker doesn’t always have to buy the stock and on the other side, your freight has to move.

Jarrod Marinello
BAT Logistics

OMAHA, Neb. — BAT Logistics, provider of 3rd Party Logistics and Transportation solutions, continues to thrive in its third quarter up 39 percent year-on-year.

“We are extremely pleased that we have continued to grow both financially and operationally, in the third quarter of our second year, thus illustrating the growing acceptance of our services,” said Jarrod Marinello, owning partner of BAT Logistics. “It’s also been a gratifying indication that our business model has been proven to be what keeps BAT Logistics growing and our customers coming back.

A couple major contributors for our success has been our employee retention and high level of repeat customers.

“These contributors have been the best indicators that BAT’s business model has been proving to be a success with our employees and customers.” said Partner Shawn Rorie. “It’s crucial to our future that our business model be most effective and simplified for both the employees and customers.”

The purpose of employee retention is to strengthen our BAT team by fully developing the knowledge needed to craft their responsibilities. The need to keep our model simplified is the other purpose for our customers sake. We must make BAT’s environment as easy for customers to do business with as possible. The less time our customers have to spend keeping their business moving, the more likely customers will continue to do more business with BAT.

BAT Logistics, provider of 3rd Party Logistics and Transportation solutions, that specializes in truck load, partial, rail, flat bed and refrigerated throughout the US, Canada and Mexico.

*BAT grew all segments of the business year to year, the largest coming from its Truck Load side.

For more information please visit:
10701 South 72nd Street, Papillion, NE 402-885-8100 Phone 402-885-8101 Fax

OMAHA, Neb. – BAT Logistics, provider of 3rd Party Logistics and Transportation solutions, is donating to the earthquake relief efforts in Haiti through The American Red Cross.

“There are no words to express how we feel, so with our donations we speak,” said Jarrod Marinello, partner owner.

Although contributions will come from BAT Logistics, employees are also voluntarily contributing.

BAT Logistics has been gearing up for 2010 by adding more services, systems, and people. The goal for 2010 is improving our business and how we can implement all the capabilities BAT has to better service customers and their needs.

BAT has been working hard through the holiday break to gear up for 2010 and has not been resting on what it had done in 2009.

Happy New Year! We are looking forward to a great 2010!

Jarrod Marinello

1-800 BAT TRUX or email us at

OMAHA, Neb. – BAT Logistics, provider of 3rd party logistics and transportation solutions, has continued to expand its presence by adding a National Sales office.

It’s a move to help centralize our sales force and create more awareness about our transportation services.

“This is going to allow us to separate the operation from the sales force and better help streamline its communication,” explained co-owner Jarrod Marinello.

BAT understands that in order to grow its customer base, it’s also very crucial that BAT continues to find new and better ways of streamlining the communication to and from its customers. BAT’s National Sales office will focus on generating sales revenue, account management, and visiting customers.

For more information about us please go to our website at

We have seen a huge spike in our Partial/Consolidated service this month. This service allows customers to only pay for the amount of space they utilize instead of paying for the price of a full truckload.

BAT suggests this service when shipping four pallets or more with a limit of 11 pallets and weight of 3,000lbs or more with a limit 10,000lbs. Anything below or over this requirement we suggest other ways to move the freight.

In the past 30 days, we have seen a 40% increase for this service. It has been a mixture of current customers discovering our partial service, new customers, and current customers that have increased their volume because of the huge savings. It’s just been amazing to hear some of the feedback on how much we have been able to save the customers who, before BAT Logistics, either requested a full truck load or LTL service.

LTL(less than truck load) which typically ranges anywhere between 100 and 10,000 lbs per load.

What separates our Partial/Consolidated service from the competiton is simply our lower prices. There has always been a grey area between LTL and Partial/Consolidated service when it comes to prices. Call us today and we will identify how much you could save with us!

If you’re interested in more information or curious about how much you could save shipping with BAT Logistics please email or please contact BAT Logistics today at 1-877-BAT-TRUX(228-8789).

Jarrod Marinello

This has been a very good month for BAT Logistics. I wrote in an article that predicted the shipping season would indeed have a great June and thankfully it has been.

This being BAT’s first blog ever, I just wanted to thank all our customers who have supported us and you know who you are!! We do what we do because of the love we have for our customers. I can only hope someday we can send them all to vegas!!!

This concludes the first blog ever. It’s June 21, so Happy Fathers Day to everyone from BAT Logistics!