Echo: Drivers facing extinction due to inefficiency?

A few weeks ago, we shared that self-driving trucks were being tested. This week, a technology news website predicts that not only will driverless trucks be delivering goods all over the country, but that driverless cars will be transporting people in the future.

The TechCrunch article presents that both cars and modes to transport goods are inefficient. It even states that “many trucks are carrying little to no product.”

According to stats from 2002 in a 2015 report from the U.S. Department of Transportation, only about 20 percent of the miles traveled by trucks were by trucks carrying no product. Some of that is unavoidable.

But, at BAT Logistics, we help customers fill trucks! We find ways to cap off a partial load or offer an LTL solution.

So, while automated trucks may seem like a solution to some issues in the future, the human team at BAT Logistics is already making the transportation of cargo efficient.