Echo: Gassing up

In case you missed it, the other big news from yesterday was the fuel prices. The prices for both diesel and regular gasoline are higher than last week and last year.

The national average diesel price is now $3.903 a gallon, up .036 from last week and .120 from last year. The highest prices are at $4.113 in California. The Gulf Coast area sees the lowest prices at $3.841.

While the prices aren’t quite as high as when they reached a peak of $4.159 in February, they are getting dangerously close. And, since we are in hurricane season, it could take just one hurricane hitting the Gulf Coast to make the prices hit that peak.

For comparison, last year’s prices did jump from $3.695 on July 16 to $3.796 on July 30. Prices continued to rise over the summer, ending the streak at a high of $4.135 on Sept. 17.

Source: Energy Information Association