Echo: Holiday Season Starts Early For a Reason


Echo: Holiday Season Starts Early For a Reason

As has become the norm, the glitz of lights and Christmas trees are well established in stores even though the shelves aren’t clear of Halloween items yet. Don’t worry, we’ll still have fun next week for Halloween (and, if you’ve seen any of our past costumes, you know we will), but getting the goods across the country for those all too important November and December sales is a top priority.

This is the time of year the freight trains pass by a little more often and trucks are filling the roads. Retailers need their stores and warehouses stocked for the $602.1 billion in sales expected across the country over the next two months, according to the National Retail Federation.

How important are these sales? As you can see from the NRF’s infographic, retailers earn 20-40% of their annual sales during November and December. It is important we help our clients get their products in time to take the maximum advantage of those sales. It’s always better to be prepared (even if it is a month or two ahead of the official season) than behind.


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