Spelunking: BAT-accessories help with work and play

bat shirts

Ralph Blank, Joe Kier, Shawn Rorie and Ben Caldwell all wore their black BAT shirts to our celebration dinner last week.

It’s hard to forget the various Bat-accessories- from the Batarang to the Bat Spray Shark Repellent- the Caped Crusader always seems to have on hand.


Cindy Moreno has expressed her love for her BAT sticky notes.

At BAT, we have a number of accessories- from hoodies to sticky notes- all with the BAT Logistics logo on them. And, while we all have our favorite items, the t-shirts are quite popular with everyone.

It’s enjoyable when two of us are wearing the same color and style (there are a few), but last week four of the guys not only were wearing the same shirt, but ended up sitting next to each other at our June goals celebration dinner last week.

“It was hilarious they all sat next to each other,” Ashley Jankowski said.

This month, a new BAT-accessory will hitting the greens- our very own golf balls! We can’t wait to share them with customers, friends and maybe a few water hazards…