Spelunking: BAT Games Results

If you haven’t heard yet, The Big Bang Theory team of Steve Barnes, Ralph Blank, Charlie Elmore and Shawn Gach won the first ever BAT Games. The Games were a training and team building event through transportation trivia and physical challenges.

elmore noodling

Charlie Elmore won Noodling Around.

“All in all, I think team work, the willingness to help each other out and a nice blend of teammates really sealed the deal for us,” said Barnes.

He explained they figured out their strength was in trivia- he and Blank had a great deal of experience, Elmore had worked in different divisions and Gach was a newcomer who had some of the information fresh from training. But, the team also won four of the physical challenges.

“I gotta give a shout out to Shawn Gach for shaking his Kleenex box like a backup dancer in a rap video, Charlie for his steadiness with a spaghetti in his mouth and a special shout out to Ralph who could bounce erasers for a living, if he wasn’t a broker and also bringing us home with the Chocolate Unicorn when all the chips were down,” Barnes said.

Winners were:

  • Speed Eraser- Ralph Blank
  • Noodling Around- Charlie Elmore
  • Bite Me- Katie Forney
  • Nose Dive: Anthony Harder and Charlie Elmore (Harder won tie breaker)
  • Mad Dog: Chuck Kizer
  • Chocolate Unicorn: Ralph Blank
chocolate unicorn1

Chocolate Unicorn


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