Spelunking: BATs Rockin’ Around the Pianos

BAT’s annual Christmas party was held last weekend at the Steinhart Lodge in Nebraska City, and featured the Blazin’ Pianos for entertainment.

A highlight of the night was everyone getting personalized mugs.

“Mine says ‘Newbie’ because I will always be the newbie to everyone,” said Justin Peffer, who joined BAT’s dispatch team in February. “Joe’s and Katie’s were the best!”

Joe’s read, “I can’t adult today,” while Katie’s read “Have a Nice Day” and had an appropriate image to go with the message.

Throughout the night, there were also silent auctions, giveaways and raffles. Prizes included a Microsoft Surface Pro, extra time off, and gift cards to popular places.

“We do this to show appreciation for our staff and everything everyone does all year long,” said Ashley Jankowski, BAT’s general manager.

Check Facebook next week for photos from the event!

Santa BAT