Spelunking: Batman v. Superman

Last weekend, Comic Con gave us an epic trailer for the upcoming Batman v Superman movie. Since we are BAT Logistics, one may assume the side we’re on, but the topic got us playfully arguing like the kids we were when we fell in love with the characters.

What follows is a transcript of our, um, discussion:

Jarrod Marinello- Superman wins. After all, he doesn’t need a car to pick up the ladies.
Steve Barnes- Batman is way cooler then Superman. He is more resourceful, he doesn’t even need super powers. He figures out a way to hang with all the stud super heroes. And on top of that, during the day he is Bruce Wayne Billionaire play boy. I’m sure he could round up a little kryptonite for his utility belt and easily defeat Superman.
Anthony Harder- Superman would win only because he has actual superpowers and not just an insane amount of money.
Stephen Sinclair- Superman, does this really need an explanation?
Vern Hayes: Batman can be anything you need him to be. Good, bad, whatever is best for the rest. Superman is incapable of being the Bad Guy. And Batman is all Human!!!
Stephen- Know your facts Vern….
Vern- Super Man Sucks Stephen … Super Sucks
Stephen- As well as your spelling Vern.
Mike Wadja- In my opinion, real heroes do not need super powers. Batman all day based on that!
Jon Ellsworth- Superman could destroy batman at a molecular level! Batman would have to have kryptonite to have a chance at all!
Joe Kier- Batman is the one super hero that should fly (because he’s BATman) but can’t. I like Mighty Mouse.
Jon- They’ve both beat each other up before and in the end became friends!

Jon is right. In fact, this movie introduces the Justice League, and also has Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Cyborg in it.

To view the trailer, visit Warner Bros. Pictures’ YouTube upload.