Spelunking: BATs go bowling

Last night, the BATs bowled at Thunderbowl in Council Bluffs for our Summer Outing. But, we couldn’t just do regular bowling- we had to mix it up a bit by playing BAT Bowling Bingo.

In Bowling Bingo, the object is to fill your Bingo card by accomplishing goals and performing stunts. Ralph Blank was the first to earn a bingo, and Ashley Jankowski was the only one to completely fill her card.

Several said it was the best outing they’ve been to, even if there were some issues with knocking down the pins.The group

“I’m pretty sure the 10 pin was glued to the floor on most of my shots,” Blank said.

“I had a blast myself,” Mike Wadja said. “I also made out like a bandit on the prizes, walking out with about ten packs of various gum! We also came up with a BAT hand signal as seen in the pics!”

Some had too much fun, as few ended up calling in “sick” today…

To view all the photos from the night, check out our Facebook album.