Spelunking: BATs have fun for charity

What could have inspired BAT General Manager Ashley Jankowski to type the words, “My job > your job!” on social media last weekend?

Contributing to charity is the answer. Okay, contributing to charity while kayaking, watching bull riding and attending a private Blake Shelton concert.

Last weekend, BAT President Shawn Rorie, Jankowski and National Account Leader Joe Kier traveled to Nashville, Tenn. to attend this awesome charity event to raise funds for a literacy foundation sponsored by a customer.

On Saturday night, the trio saw professional bull riding. They saw bulls Bushwacker (in his second-to-last appearance before retirement) and Mick E. Mouse.

On Sunday, they kayaked down the Harpeth River in Nashville.

“We saw lots of turtles, Shawn saw two snakes and a spiders were on Ashley’s kayak, but Shawn and I saved her and got rid of the spiders,” Kier said. “No one fell in the river, which was good.”

That night, Blake Shelton performed for about an hour for everyone at the event. He joked about being a bar band for the night and took requests.

Rorie and Kier also participated in the golf tournament held at Vanderbilt Legends Club. They shot even.