Spelunking: Friday Fun

Friday started with the BAT Games at The Escape Omaha, and ended with the Fall Family Outing at Shady Lane Ranch.

Everyone was randomly placed on one of three teams, and had to work together to solve puzzles to get out of a room. Thanks to getting the Forgotten Outpost Room, none of the teams were able to complete the challenge in time.

“It was tough and only has a 38 percent escape rate,” General Manager Ashley Jankowski said.

“My team was all over the solutions to getting out,” said Ralph Blank, who was on Team 1.  “We are pretty sure that that we nailed the chess moves and that The Escape had them wrong.  Our team had to be the closest to getting out and should have won this competition.”

The BAT office then closed early, met up with our families, and headed to the ranch for a hay ride, dinner and bonfire.

“The best time would have to be staring up at the stars with the whole BAT crew while the kids rolled down the giant hill,” said Mike Wajda, an account manager.

15_fall outing

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