Spelunking: Fulfilling Our Destiny

joedaMany of the quotes from the trailers of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, speak to the fans about how we feel, or hope to feel about the movie. It’s calling to us.  It knows our eyes. Hope is not lost. We were raised to watch this movie. We are fulfilling our destiny.

There’s been an awakening of sharing Star Wars knowledge, or lack thereof. And, at BAT last week, there was even a discussion about whether it was too early to talk about Star Wars.

We still ended up discussing our favorite scenes and quotes from the previous trilogies. Joe Kier’s favorite part is the now controversial scene from A New Hope when, as he says, Greedo shoots first in the cantina.

Jon Ellsworth’s favorite part is the end of Empire Strikes Back, when the Millennium Falcon is flying off into space. His second favorite is when Yoda is training Luke, and these lines are said:

Which, of course, since fear is on the path to the Darkside, lead into a discussion of whether or not Luke is evil.

While a few agreed with Jon’s selection, Anthony Harder took a somewhat unique position by selecting parts from the prequels as his favorite. He said he really loves Anakin’s transition from good to evil through Episodes II and III, and his favorite scene was when he murders all the Tusken Raiders in revenge for his mother’s kidnapping and death. Then, he said his favorite fight scene was when Obi Wan was fighting General Grevious.

Meanwhile, some recalled their favorite Star Wars moments from other movies. Steve Coenen liked a Pizza the Hut scene from Spaceballs. Mike Wadja liked when Batman steals the Millennium Falcon’s hyperdrive in The Lego Movie.

And then, there was Katy Wilson and Steve Barnes who had never seen a Star Wars movie.