Spelunking: Fun memories at BAT

Spelunking – What does it mean?
Spelunking is the exploration of caves. Blog posts that let you explore our “cave” and the people who work inside it are labeled “spelunking.”

There’s a lot of fun behind the scenes at BAT Logistics, which made it hard for our longtime sales executive, Cindy Moreno, to come up with just one to help celebrate BAT’s 10th year.

“We share memes all the time on email, and that is always fun and funny,” she said. “I can’t tell you how many times I am in my office cracking up all by myself.”

But, in her list of fun moments, one event kept popping up – the 2016 Christmas party. She enjoyed the photo booth, the mannequin challenge (see the video here), and the surprise ambush of Santa squishies.

Pictured below is General Manager Ashley Jankowski with Cindy at BAT’s ten year anniversary trip.