Spelunking: Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! We go all out on everything we do here at BAT, including dressing up for Halloween.

We have everything from witches and wizards to former leaders to food represented in our office today.

Ian Goodrich as the Demon of Height won the costume contest. For second place, we had a three-way tie: Jon Ellsworth (Rufio), Steve Coenen (Sylvester) and Mike Wajda (Harry Potter).


Back (left to right): Eric Damon as Nixon, Jon Ellsworth as Rufio (from Hook), Mike Wajda as Harry Potter, Joe Kier as Guy who didn’t have time but wanted to still dress up, Steve Barnes as Julius Ceasar, Ian Goodrich as The Demon of Height, Anthony Harder (in front of the demon) as The Dark Prince, Ben Caldwell as a Pirate, Charlie Elmore and Katy Wilson as Twins
Front (left to right): Rebecca McLean as a 50’s Gal, Katie Forney as an M&M, Steve Coenen as Sylvester, Ashley Jankowski as Ursula the Sea Witch