Spelunking: Happy National Boss’s Day

When searching Boss’s Day, the first thing that comes up (besides today’s date) is an article about how to handle bad bosses. Then, another article questioning the day.

Bad bosses appear to be a trending thing. Fortunately, BAT’s bosses, Shawn Rorie and Jarrod Marinello, aren’t a part of that trend. Here’s what a few members of the BAT team had to say about Shawn and Jarrod:

Shawn Rorie

Shawn Rorie

“I love working for BAT Logistics. Shawn has created a fun, enjoyable, but productive working environment. I truly believe he has all our best interests and success on his mind. I can’t thank Shawn and BAT Logistics enough for this opportunity!” – Ian Goodrich

“Shawn is such a down to earth guy and really great to work for. I have worked in a large corporate setting and often never saw the owner of the company. Shawn is the exact opposite and is involved and hands on when it comes to our day to day business. He has worked hard for all he has and wants all of his employees to be just as successful as he is. I am so lucky to work for such an innovative leader!” -Katy Wilson


Jarrod Marinello

“From my experience, this company is truly one of a kind. It’s not too often that you can work for a company and wake up in the morning ready to go to work, excited to be a part of! The encouragement and opportunities that are laid at our feet with the sky’s the limit and nothing holding you back  but yourself motto is second to none. I believe what these two dudes have started is more than amazing, and I am extremely grateful to be a BAT. Thank you Shawn and Jarrod!” -Charles Elmore

“I appreciate all the opportunities that Shawn and Jarrod have given our whole team at BAT Logistics.  The leadership and inspiration is different than any company I have worked for.  The food is tremendous along with the unlimited coffee and creamer is what keeps me coming back.  I wish them a happy bosses day and am excited to see what the future brings.” -Ralph Blank

“Thank you Shawn and Jarrod for giving me the freedoms to create my own destiny here at BAT!  I have never felt more appreciated or valued on a team like I do here.  Both of you have instilled trust and faith in me that have allowed me to do my job bigger and better and that is priceless.  Thank you for showing me that I am capable of so much more than I ever imagined!  Cheers to you guys!” -Krysten Parrish

“Thank you both for being the best bosses! Your determination, hard work, love and knowledge of this industry and your hearts for people have made BAT what it is today and has also created a fabulous work place!” -Cindy Moreno