Spelunking: Ready For Football?

Spelunking: Ready For Football?

Every Friday night, Chuck Kizer exchanges his BAT shirt for a thankless one– he officiates high school football. On Saturday, he sits back and enjoys watching the Ohio State Buckeyes. Then, on Sundays, he stays busy keeping up with the Kansas City Chiefs, Washington Redskins and Cincinnati Bengals.

Not everyone at BAT devotes as much of their free time to the sport as Chuck does, but we do have some intense fans.

Katy Wilson shows her team spirit

For example, Liz Wayne blackened her hand and burst a blood vessel while clapping for her favorite player in his first game this year. Tyler, her son, plays quarterback for the Junior Pee Wee Trailblazers.

Nearby college teams have won some of our hearts. Nebraska’s Huskers have two BAT fans, Katy Wilson and Maureen Shea, while the Iowa State Cyclones have Katie Forney cheering for them.

And, of course, there’s a Florida Gators fan. Steve Barnes grew up watching the Gators with his brother, and now continues to do so in his memory.

On the professional level, Peyton Manning (who, by the way, was never able to beat the Gators) has Ashley Jankowski as a fan. She, by default, is a Denver Broncos fan, as is Katy Wilson. Maureen Shea also has thing for quarterbacks, as long as they are playing for the Green Bay Packers. Meanwhile, Anthony Harder has faith every Sunday that his Minnesota Vikings will pull out a win.

Which is your favorite team?


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