Spelunking: Road Heroes Tow to Safety

Most of the time we see trucks driving along the interstates and other well-traveled roads. But, sometimes, they make deliveries in places that if not careful, could be treacherous for the 18-wheelers.

I recently moved to a house with what could be considered a treacherous driveway. It has two curves, fairly easy for a car to handle, but apparently difficult for a moving truck.

The driver got up the driveway with quite a bit a stopping, planning and maneuvering. But, on the way out, he took the first curve a little too tight and ended up almost sending the trailer off the edge of a 15-foot drop.

A tow truck driver and his pre-teen daughter came to save the day. As he figured out how he was going to get the moving truck out, the girl reassured us that her daddy was the best, and that they’ve helped trucks in worse situations. He somehow quickly turned his truck around in our driveway (so, he is also an amazing driver), and then used a huge tree as leverage to pull the moving truck back on track.

This tow truck operator is certainly a hero for trucks, as many others across this country are. Their job can be dangerous, as they are saving large vehicles from sticky situations, and sometimes are doing so as traffic is zooming by. They are truly road heroes.