Spelunking: Sweaters Get Ugly

Spelunking: Sweaters Get Ugly

Once upon time, we’d crack out as authentic of a “thank you” as possible when we were gifted an ugly Christmas sweater. We’d fear the day we had to wear it to show the giver we appreciated it.

Today, the sweaters have become so popular, second-hand clothing businesses set-up pop-up shops just to sell the ugly apparel. We have parties and contests to honor the sweaters.

BAT held its own contest today with Eric Damon and Joe Kier winning in a tie. Eric’s v-neck cardigan sweater featured candy cane trim and snowmen with Steve Barnes’ and Anthony Harder’s heads. Joe’s puffy paint and felt creation has a snowman and Santa holding a present and a candy cane.


Ugly Sweater Contents participants are (back row) Luke, Charlie, Joe, Eric, Mike, (front row) Katy, Rebecca, and Katie.

While the homemade sweaters won overall, Katie Forney’s authentic ugly sweater came in a close second place.


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