Spelunking: We are full of thanks

As we prepare to spend time with our families and feast on home-cooked meals, we reflect on what we are thankful for this year.

At BAT Logistics, we are thankful for our loving families, our amazing clients, and our supportive co-workers. We are thankful that our successes have allowed us to give back and share with others less fortunate. We are thankful for the food on our tables, and all the people- from farmers to truck drivers to store clerks to cooks and bakers- who put that food there.

Here’s what BAT team members said they were especially thankful for this year:


Chet Palmer– I am terribly grateful for my family. They are wonderful! Each of them provides me with joy and support every day. By far, the greatest blessing I’ve received.

Ashley Jankowski– I’m thankful for being able to share an American Thanksgiving with our 16-year-old “son” from Italy, Sergio. He is with us through a foreign exchange program. He’s been in America since August, with us since September, and won’t go home until next June. We are very thankful to have him in our home and to share American culture and the holidays with him.

Jared Kutschara– These girls!

Mike Wajda– I have had a great year! I have my family to thank, as well as BAT. I am extremely thankful to have a job at a place like BAT. A place where you can come to work and your extended family is there, too, and fighting for the last dollar to not only help their paycheck, but everyone’s!

Jon Ellsworth– I’m thankful for cheese. I really love it and it’s usually served on Thanksgiving.

Anthony Harder– I am thankful for Nick Young of the Los Angeles Lakers stealing a pass intended for his teammate, Lou Williams, and hitting a game winning three pointer Tuesday night. I am also thankful for the refs of the Houston and Oakland football game robbing Ralph of a fantasy football victory against me this last week in the league we have here at BAT.