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Echo: Diesel prices continue steady climb

Diesel prices are steadily climbing, reaching an average $2.407 per gallon this week. This price is 2.5 cents more than last week’s prices, and 5 cents more than prices two weeks ago, according to the Energy Information Administration. The good news is that a…

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Echo: Diesel fuel prices hover

Diesel fuel prices seem to be hovering slightly above the $2 mark. This week, the average price across the country was $2.115 a gallon, slightly less than last week’s price of $2.121 a gallon. Last week, the average price had gone up .3 cents….

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Echo: Diesel Prices Continue To Drop

The average price for diesel dropped .007 cents to $3.918 per gallon this week, according to the Department of Energy. Prices have been dropping since April 28, when the price was $3.975 per gallon. While diesel prices are on a downward trend, the prices…

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