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On-Highway_Diesel_Fuel_Prices (5)After rising slightly a few weeks ago, diesel prices have returned to a steady fall. Prices now average $2.485 a gallon, according to the Energy Information Administration.

By Oct. 12, prices climbed to $2.556, after reaching a low for the year at $2.476 the week of Sept. 28. Prices are still more than a dollar less than last year’s prices.

For more information, visit the EIA’s website.

BatmanBatman costumes are popular choices on the National Retail Federation‘s Halloween survey each year. There are plenty of choices, too, since each time a different actor takes on the role, he has a different costume, and a different take on the role to go along with the look.

Even though the list of Batman actors includes Adam West, Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, George Clooney, Kevin Conroy, Christian Bale, Will Arnett and Ben Affleck, the team at BAT Logistics has their own opinion of who is the best man in the costume.

Mike Wajda, an account manager at BAT, was the overwhelming favorite.

(In case you are wondering, Michael Keaton was the only other person mentioned!)

Great Scott!

justin peffer It’s Oct. 21, 2015, the day Marty McFly travels from 1985 to the future. And, while we still have lawyers and don’t have flying cars, we do have a Marty.

Justin Peffer is the Marty McFly of our office. In fact, one of his most-used phrases is, “Jesus, George, it was a wonder I was even born.”

Plus, he knows history very well- it’s almost as if he’s lived it. Sometimes, it even seems possible he’s taken a peek at a future sports almanac…

There are also a few rumors about him- he’s allegedly building a hoverboard in his basement, has “borrowed” sports equipment from children, and was bullied by a guy named Biff in high school. Allegedly.

This is heavy.

On-Highway_Diesel_Fuel_Prices (4)Diesel fuel prices are $2.556 per gallon, six cents higher than last week’s prices, according to the Energy Information Administration. This is also eight cents higher than prices were two weeks ago, when prices were the lowest of the year at $2.476.

The prices are still more than a dollar less than the prices were a year ago this week.

For more information, visit the EIA’s website.

Friday started with the BAT Games at The Escape Omaha, and ended with the Fall Family Outing at Shady Lane Ranch.

Everyone was randomly placed on one of three teams, and had to work together to solve puzzles to get out of a room. Thanks to getting the Forgotten Outpost Room, none of the teams were able to complete the challenge in time.

“It was tough and only has a 38 percent escape rate,” General Manager Ashley Jankowski said.

“My team was all over the solutions to getting out,” said Ralph Blank, who was on Team 1.  “We are pretty sure that that we nailed the chess moves and that The Escape had them wrong.  Our team had to be the closest to getting out and should have won this competition.”

The BAT office then closed early, met up with our families, and headed to the ranch for a hay ride, dinner and bonfire.

“The best time would have to be staring up at the stars with the whole BAT crew while the kids rolled down the giant hill,” said Mike Wajda, an account manager.

15_fall outing

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BAT heroes

marvelvdcBatman Day was Saturday, but BAT saw a few of his super friends here on Friday.

“Jon Ellsworth said, ‘Let’s all wear our favorite Super Hero shirts on Friday,'” said Rebecca McLean, aka Captain America. “It was just something fun to do.”

Looking at the photo above, it’s easy to see which BAT team members have had a little practice pretending to be their favorite superhero…

Last week, we thanked truck drivers for all they do. On Saturday, they showed us their caring goes beyond their loads.

Saturday was the World’s Largest Truck Convoy to show support for Special Olympics. More than 2,000 truckers in 38 states and Canadian provinces participate in the event that builds awareness and raises funds. The convoy is arranged and escorted by local law enforcement.

Keith L. Fishburne, the President and CEO of Special Olympics North Carolina, reported on Twitter that it took “over 18 minutes for over 150 trucks to exit the parking lot in Charlotte for the Truck Convoy.”

Other states participating on Saturday included Arkansas, Delaware, Nebraska, South Dakota and Wisconsin. Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, North Dakota will host their legs of the convoy next weekend.

To learn more, visit the Special Olympics website. Follow Special Olympics on Twitter at @SpecialOlympics.

This week is National Truck Driver Appreciation Week. There was no way we could individually mention all the drivers we truly appreciate- you all are great! We love seeing drivers take care of loads like newborn babies!

Thank you for all you do!

BAT Thanks

Alex is just like many four-year-olds. He loves playing with Legos, playing baseball, fishing with his “Papa” and is a huge fan of Captain America.

He is also one of the 10,000 children under the age of 15 expected to be diagnosed with cancer this year, according to the American Cancer Society. September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

Cancer is the second leading cause of death in children, and about 1,250 children are expected to die from cancer this year. But, because of treatment advances, more than 80% of children with cancer will survive five or more years. Two-thirds of those who survive will face at least one chronic health condition, according to the American Childhood Cancer Organization.

The disease also has major financial impact- 11.9 percent of families will spend more than $10,000 annually to care for their child, and 83.5 percent of families will experience some level of financial hardship.

Every three minutes, a child is diagnosed with cancer.

Alex was diagnosed with cancer on July 10. He was originally diagnosed with PNET, but was later determined to have Glioblastoma. Both are types of brain tumors.

Alex is close to our hearts at BAT. His aunt is in a relationship with Vern Hayes, one of our account managers.

“Little Alex has taken on quite the fight,” Vern said. “A fight that many of us as adults have never seen the sights of in our lifetime.”

Last month, BAT made a donation to Alex’s GoFundMe page,

“Seeing the BAT Family step up and help has been pretty amazing. This is not surprising to me, because I know this is such an amazing place to work and the values speak for themselves.”


For more information about Alex, visit or his Facebook page.

For more information about childhood cancer, visit the American Cancer Society or the American Childhood Cancer Organization.