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Bat continues to beta test its FREIGHT RATE TOOL powered through Microsoft Azure to help navigate through the most volatile time.

BAT LOGISTICS created a proprietary application that uses Microsoft Azure machine learning, predictive analytics, and artificial intelligence to give BAT the ability to forecast the most accurate freight rate outcome in seconds.

How does machine learning work?

Machine learning uses computers to run predictive models that learn from existing data to forecast future behaviors, outcomes, and trends. Deep learning is a sub-field of machine learning, where models inspired by how our brain works are expressed mathematically, and the parameters defining the mathematical models, which can be in the order of few thousands to 100+ million, are learned automatically from the data.

Stay tuned for future updates

COUNCIL BLUFFS, Iowa– BAT Logistics, one of the fastest growing 3PL providers of transportation services, is using Microsoft Azure Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics to develop a tool that will forecast what freight rates will look like in one to 12 months. The tool will be just one more value-added service BAT provides to all its customers starting in 2018.

“Imagine the ability to lock into a contracted rate just before spot rates soar. Imagine the ability to forecast how long spot rates will outperform contracting rates and vice versa. Imagine the ability to predict how peak seasons will impact freight rates,” said Jarrod Marinello, executive of BAT Logistics.

BAT graded the accuracy of the prediction tool for 15 months because the company wanted the highest accuracy it can get. With each test, the accuracy has improved, and the tool is currently at 60 percent accuracy. BAT believes, based on on the increase in accuracy over the past 15 months, that the accuracy will be at 75 percent some time in 2018. Anything over 75 percent accuracy offers extreme value.

BAT will be launching the prediction tool next year as the company celebrates its 10th anniversary.

About BAT Logistics
Backhaul and Track Logistics d/b/a BAT Logistics provides transportation solutions to the shipping community. Our core strength is full truck load services in dry, refrigerated, and rail commodities. Our services are executed using key national carriers with a focus on small to medium sized carriers. We operate in headhaul and backhaul lanes both regionally and cross-country. We also utilize door-to-door rail services that cover the entire nation. Our industry knowledge and experience using rail transportation gives us a clear and distinct advantage over the competition.


BAT Logistics now has machine learning and predictive analytics to determine its freight rates. Azure Machine Learning predictive analytics service makes it possible to measure more data to quickly create and deploy predictive models as analytics solutions.

How will this help our customers?
BAT can quickly provide its best rates that remain in line with BAT’s working ability (capacity), so customers can rest assured BAT’s providing its best pricing and matches its capacity.

BAT is beta testing a freight rate prediction system that makes it possible to quickly search deeper data quickly and deploy predictive models as analytics solutions.

BAT will have the ability to provide the best pricing to customers and suggest the best pricing strategy customers should take regarding spot or contract, short term or long term bids, etc. This gives cutomers the potential to save a lot of money.

BAT+BTUBAT Logistics, provider of 3rd party logistics and transportation solutions, announced today it has incorporated BTU’s Sales Freight Rate Platform. BTU Software Company is a supply chain software development company.

“BTU’s SFR Platform is already transforming our company in ways we couldn’t have imagined,” said Jarrod Marinello, BAT’s executive vice president. “We now have a customized freight rate machine learning tool that takes into account our entire transportation makeup when it produces a rate. Most importantly, we can give real rates in line with our working ability, so our customers can count on BAT’s pricing and capacity.”

“I haven’t even mentioned BAT has been beta testing a prediction freight rate tool that’s going to save our customers a fortune in transportation costs,” he added.

To learn more about BTU Software Company’s Sales Freight Rate Platform, visit

BAT Logistics, provider of 3rd Party Logistics and Transportation solutions, wrapped its ninth year of business with another year of growth. Over the past year, BAT has found innovative ways to adapt to change, and execution has led to an increase in the amount of dedicated freight that the company has been awarded.

One way BAT accomplished this was by working with BTU SOFTWARE COMPANY, a supply chain software development company. For the past nine months, BAT utilized BTU’s Three-In-One web-based application to improve performance in several aspects of the logistics business.

“It’s worked out to be the best move BAT has ever made, and has already increased our load count and margins within the same pool of customers year over year,” said Jarrod Marinello, executive vice president. “Not only has BTU increased BAT’s bottom line but it has also increased employee performance and reduced stress. Our employees are the most important aspect of our business, so its imperative that we not only give them tools but also reduce their stress.”

To learn more about BTU Software Company’s Three-In-One, visit the website.

Hatchimals are one of the hottest toys this holiday season, as shown by the toys’ immediate absence on store shelves and high prices on resale sites. BAT’s Executive Vice President/Owner Jarrod Marinello got his hands on one, and decided to use the Hatchimals toy to give back to Fisher House.

14813848383801646777131Fisher House offers housing, food and even transportation to family members of patients at major military and VA hospitals. Marinello’s brother is a patient at the Polytrauma Rehab Hospital next door to the Minneapolis Fisher House.

“Because people at Fisher were so kind, I asked if they had children staying there,” Marinello said. “They said yes, one boy who was basically living there with family.”

Without hesitation, Marinello and BAT Logistics donated the Hatchimals toy to the Fisher House so the organization could make the holidays a little better for that child and his family.

For more information about Fisher Houses, visit









Ralph Blank presents a check from BAT Logistics to Carole Patrick, the chief development officer at the Stephen Center.

Ralph Blank presents a check from BAT Logistics to Carole Patrick, the chief development officer at the Stephen Center.

BAT Logistics donated more than 1,500 items and $1,140 to the Stephen Center in Omaha, Neb., this week as a result of BAT’s annual donation drive.

Throughout the month, BAT team members brought in non-perishable food, clothing, bedding, cleaning supplies, socks, hats, gloves, tooth brushes, tooth paste, shampoo, soap, and other items for the annual donation drive. Individual team members also donated a total $140, and BAT added $1,000 to the monetary donation.

Stephen Center partners with the community, families and individuals to overcome homelessness, addiction and poverty. Items the organization needed were found on its wish list.

At BAT Logistics, we are thankful for everything we have, including our amazing team members and customers, and do whatever we can to give back throughout the year. Papillion-Lavista Schools Foundation, Alex Strong (Alex Lopez family cancer treatment), Dollar General Literacy Foundation, Southwest Omaha Rotary Club, Bart Sullivan c/o Ohanlon, and Hughes Family Fundraiser all benefited from charitable contributions from BAT this year.

The BAT team poses with the donations for the Stephen Center.

The BAT team poses with the donations for the Stephen Center.

Our phones and Internet are down and we’re working to resolve the situation. If you need to reach us, please call us at 402-253-9110. Thank you for your patience.

We recently became aware that BAT Logistics’ bank account information was compromised, resulting in fraudulent checks. While we were happy no employees’ or customers’ information was affected, we were saddened to find out individuals were sent counterfeit checks believed to be from BAT. If you were affected by this situation, please contact us at to help us with our investigation. We are sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your time and patience.

President/Owner Shawn Rorie, Executive Vice President/Owner Jarrod Marinello, and General Manager Ashley Jankowski represented BAT Logistics at the TIA 2015 Capital Ideas Conference and Exhibition held April 15-18 in Orlando, Fla. The conference is a meeting of third-party logistics providers.

The event featured education sessions, networking opportunities and vendor booths.

“Many of the seminars I attended, like ‘Did You Dot the I’s and Cross the T’s,’ were helpful seminars,” Marinello said. He also thought the education sessions about regulations were valuable.

For more information bout TIA, visit the association’s website.