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One way BAT accomplished this was by creating its own proprietary
capacity matching technology that uses Microsoft Azure machine learning, to give BAT the ability to find the best-suited carrier that’s available in seconds.

It’s all about getting the most out of our carrier base rather than outsourcing to loadboards and focusing our contracted carriers said Jarrod Marinello, executive vice president. “We have technology working for us to learn our carrier’s most desired lanes, and the likelihood the carrier will have an available truck.

How does machine learning work?

Machine learning uses computers to run predictive models that learn from existing data to forecast future behaviors, outcomes, and trends. Deep learning is a sub-field of machine learning, where models inspired by how our brain works are expressed mathematically, and the parameters defining the mathematical models, which can be in the order of few thousands to 100+ million, are learned automatically from the data.


COUNCIL BLUFFS, Iowa- Bat Logistics, one of the most expeditious growing 3PL providers of Transportation, is utilizing Microsoft Azure Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics to develop an implement that will forecast what freight rates will look like in one to 12 months. The implement will be just one more value-integrated accommodation BAT provides to all its customers starting sometime in 2019

“Imagine the competency to lock into a contracted rate just before spot rates soar. Imagine the faculty to forecast how long spot rates will outperform contracting rates and vice versa. Imagine the facility to soothsay how peak seasons will impact freight rates,” verbally expressed Jarrod Marinello, executive of BAT Logistics.

BAT graded the precision of the prognostication implement for 15 months because the company wanted the highest precision it can get. With each test, the precision has amended, and the implement is currently at 60 percent precision. BAT believes, predicated on on the incrementation in precision over the past 15 months, that the precision will be at 75 percent some time in 2018. Anything over 75 percent precision offers extreme value.

BAT will implement 2019

About BAT Logistics
Backhaul and Track Logistics d/b/a BAT Logistics provides transportation solutions to the shipping community. Our core strength is full truck load services in dry, refrigerated, and rail commodities. Our services are executed using key national carriers with a focus on small to medium sized carriers. We operate in headhaul and backhaul lanes both regionally and cross-country. We also utilize door-to-door rail services that cover the entire nation. Our industry knowledge and experience using rail transportation gives us a clear and distinct advantage over the competition.

Phone – 402-712-7256
Fax – 402-712-7200
20 Arena Way, Suite 2
Council Bluffs, IA 51501

Jarrod Marinello, Executive Vice President/Owner: First, decide how many providers to utilize, then reward business to each one of the providers. You may want to utilize some more than others, but use each at least five percent.

Don’t award the lanes predicated on the provider being the lowest cost. Instead, mix it up. This strategy sanctions the particular provider to average out on its margin, keeps the provider committed on lanes losing margin, counteracts any transmutations in the market, and sustains from provider needing price increases. In reciprocation, shippers hold more leverage over their conveyance providers, and build up staunchness and sustain locked in pricing year round.

Jarrod Marinello

Jarrod Marinello

Imagine surviving a semi truck carrying 30,000 pounds of goods slamming into you, and then finding out you carry more insurance than the driver of the semi.

In 2016, a private carrier driver was involved in a car accident that injured my brother to the extent he had to be transported by helicopter to the ER. In discovery, I learned that private carriers, companies that transport their own cargo, are not regulated at all.

Everyone else on the road is required to have insurance, but private carriers are not.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) does not require private carriers to have insurance. The same goes for state DOT departments that don’t regulate, but require private not-for-hire carriers to have insurance falls 4-6 times lower than required of any other kind of commercial carrier.

Making matters worse, the fatality rate per vehicle mile traveled is more than 50 percent higher for large trucks than the rate for all highway vehicles combined, according to the FMCSA.

There is a plan for stronger regulations through the Unified Registration System (URS), a new electronic registration system. Unfortunately, the FMCSA just delayed the implementation of the URS once again.

Once the URS is ready, all private carriers will be regulated and will be required to have at least $750,000 insurance.

The continued delay of this protection should be a major concern to the general public. It is to me.



Today was National Bring Your Dog to Work. Here are the BATs with their pooches.

Chuck and Piper

Chuck and Piper

Eric wife  dogs

Eric with his wife, Jackie, and Venice and Wylee

Steve with Frank

Steve with Frank


(as told by Baby Nora)


Baby Nora

Lots of people visit me. I’m quite popular for someone who was only born a month ago.

But, yesterday, I got to visit the BATs. I was relieved to find out they weren’t the scary kind. This made me very happy. Mommy says she works there, whatever that means.

This was a big adventure for me. The only other times I’ve left the house is to see the doctor, and I’m not too sure about that place, yet.

At the BAT place, I got to meet so many new people- Ashley, Rebecca, Katie, Joe, Luke, Jon, Eric, two Steves, Justin and Stephen. They made sounds that made me smile. All of the girls took turns holding me, but “Uncle Joe Joe” was the only one of the guys brave enough to hold me.

Nora meets "Uncle Joe Joe"

Nora meets “Uncle Joe Joe”

One of the Steves and Ralph were funny. They were playing with toys that shoot soft things. I can’t wait until I’m big enough to play with toys like them!

Mommy kept telling me all these guys- Jon, Ben, Luke and Eric- were going to have friends for me soon. I guess that means I’ll get to visit again! Maybe I’ll be big enough to play with the soft shooting toys then! I can’t wait!

While I let whoever wanted to hold me to do so, I was so happy to be back in Mommy’s snuggly arms. That is my favorite place to be.


Justin PefferIf there is ever a question about something that happened in history, especially World War II, ask Justin Peffer. He enjoys history so much, he spends quite a bit of his free time reading it.

But, he still takes the time to enjoy other activities, like playing basketball, jogging and watching football.

Peffer started on BAT’s Dispatch Team in February. He earned a degree in Business Management at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. He believes his abilities to communicate and think outside of the box make him great at his job.

He also has a combination of abilities which can make him fun to be around- he can make light of any situation, has a great memory and pays attention to details.

Everyone is making their picks for the big game this weekend, including the team at BAT.

The Seattle Seahawks are the favorite here, with 50 percent of the votes.

“Age and talent level at Seattle will override the age and hard work of Patriots,” explained Chuck Kizer.
BAT picks

The New England Patriots got only a third of the votes, not including a vote for just Tom Brady winning the game.

“They will use deflategate as a chip on their shoulders and win by 10,” Steve Barnes said of the Patriots. “Although, I’m starting to hope they lose.”

Showing how much we love our college sports (or, perhaps how little we know or care about the difference), the Huskers even got a vote to win the NFL’s championship game!

If you are still planning your party for Sunday, check out the recipes we shared last year.


Tuesday’s election wasn’t all about Democrats and Republicans. In some states, it was also about transportation.

Transport Topics recapped some of the measures for road funds in its article “Voters split on transportation measures and on how best to pay for roads.”

Truck drivers must follow federal requirements to stay rested in order to prevent accidents, but, as seen in the recent NJ Turnpike crash that killed comedian James McNair and injured Tracy Morgan, some drivers may not be getting that rest.

As a result, Sen. Chuck Schumer wants electronic logging devices, or black boxes, to watch over drivers and prevent them from fixing log books.

For more information, read NBC’s article.