BAT Wins UNbelievable Workplace Award

BAT is honored to be one of Council Bluffs’ 25 awarded UNbelievable Workplaces.  UNbelievable Workplaces is an employee engagement and satisfaction program; developed and managed by the Council Bluffs Area Chamber of Commerce. The program focuses on ensuring our business is a human-centered workplace. Understanding the culture of our workplace is the best way to increase employee engagement and strengthen our workforce attraction and retention efforts.

BAT has spent many years outlining the foundation of who we are, who we want to be, and all we do.  We focus heavily on our core values, and ensuring we work in the space of success for all.  We strive to put our team first, and  create the opportunity for them to work in a happy, successful environment that encourages growth, accountability, mistakes, collaboration, and fun.  It’s great to be recognized for all we create, and not just by the Chamber, but by our team!  This shows exactly why the efforts put in to culture, our environment, and all other areas is so important, and worth every ounce of time and energy. 

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