Team Member Spotlight – Chris

This week we are pleased to introduce you to Chris! He has been with BAT since May of 2018 and is an Account Manager on our Customer Service Team.

Chris has this to say about BAT: “My favorite part of BAT is the family environment; it is very akin to my time in the Army. I also love that the manner in which we operate allows for you to do “the same thing” every day without it being monotonous. Everyone has their role but also has a long enough leash to learn and mingle into other roles, making a more seamless work experience for everyone. It still blows my mind how much I learn and grow every single day.” Chris is always down to enjoy some BAT fun and willing to do whatever it takes to keep it going! Anytime there is a problem, he’s right there, ready to find an innovative solution and help the rest of us grow in our tech knowledge while he’s doing it. We really enjoy his true teamwork spirit and commitment to the success of BAT and our entire team of customers and carriers.